Polka Of Birds

Thu 11th May 2017

I'm not sure why this one is named what it is.. I had a handful of other names and this was the last name left after I rejected all others.

Half A Mind

Wed 15th Mar 2017

A new tune from last night.

The Timeless Swamp

Wed 11th Jan 2017

I almost wiped this one from the computer. I found a pdf back up file and re-notated it. Having fresh ears for the tune again, feeling like it hade come from elsewere I came to like it.

Four New Tune Books

Tue 8th Nov 2016

I have four new tune books compiled containing about 50 tunes each and are plastic comb bound. The books contain tunes I have written over the last six or so years. The titles are "The Tray Of Scones", "A Dog's Breakfast", "The Ryebread Brick" and "The Kilo Of Bacon". I havn't yet added any art work to them yet but not to worry all the tunes are there. Here is the link to the my Books page.

Receding Waters

Sat 22nd Oct 2016

The Barwon River in flood

We've had a heap of rain here in Geelong recently, in fact its raining right now as I write!. The barwon river has flooded a few times over the last month or two. This Tune is named "Receding Waters" but I'd say the waters shall be rising again if this rain continues.

The Maple Leaf

Sun 11th Sep 2016

I learned this tune of a travelling fiddler by the name of Sonja last year at the Nariel Creek Folk Festival. I didn't get the name of the tune at the time but "Tune Pal" the phone app identified the tune as The Maple Leaf.

Welcome To The New Site

Thu 28th Jul 2016

Hello, Welcome to the updated site. It should be a bit more mobile friendly now I hope. I haven't tested it on all browsers so please let me know if something is not working on your browser.

The One Legged Frog

Sun 10th Jul 2016

The One Legged Frog! A tune from earlier in the year.