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The Cook From Tallarook

I am currently on a tour of central Victoria with Chris Middleton and her husband Tim Sheed doing a string of shows for seniors week. Today we did a show a in Tallarook. Things there where not as crook as we have been led to believe. The meals at the pub were magnificent I had the fish and veggies. The fish was very fresh and fried perfectly. The beans, cauliflower, corn and potato on the side were equally superb. I did go to shake the cook's hand but she was unable to shake hands as she was holding a bucket. I offered to relieve her of the bucket but she seemed reluctant to let go of it. Anyway I highly recommend a stop off at the Tallarook hotel if your are travelling up or down the Hume Highway. Tallarook is just a short way from the highway. As we were driving back to Alexandra where we are staying I started to fall a sleep and in my weariness a tune that went something like this started to circulate in my mind.