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The Narcoleptic Gnome
Fri Sep 18 2020
A new tune called The Narcoleptic Gnome !
Not The Wolf Web Page
Sun Jul 26 2020
A web page erected by Fidel, the duke of kangaroo...
Tasty Grass
Mon May 25 2020
A new tune from a couple of days ago !
Sunday Sessions
Mon May 25 2020
Fiddle tunes to keep the fingers moving during gig drought.
The First Inkling
Mon Oct 07 2019
Here is a 3/4 waltzy tune I wrote a couple...
In Need Of Sunglasses
Wed Sep 18 2019
Sorry about this! Another slightly unusual fiddle tune..
The Big Belly
Tue Sep 10 2019
Straight from the coffee cup.. a new fiddle tune with...
The Choir Of Leaves
Thu Sep 05 2019
I'm not sure how you would classify this tune. A...
Moon And Seven Stars
Wed Aug 28 2019
Thanks to Jeff Sinbeck for this tune.
Fri Dec 14 2018
I'm very slowly compiling a collection of tunes
The Timestone Statue
Tue Nov 27 2018
A new tune recently carved into time.
The Slippery Eel
Wed Oct 24 2018
A fiddle tune written by Matiss Schubert 2018
Running Low On Dog Food
Fri Sep 07 2018
Running low on dog food fiddle tune
The Dim Memory Of Youth
Thu Jun 28 2018
I have just updated my site. I've put a heap...
The Eloquent Persuader
Sun Aug 13 2017
article posted on 13 Aug 2017
Polka Of Birds
Thu May 11 2017
I'm not sure why this one is named what it...
Half-A Mind
Thu Mar 16 2017
A new tune from last night.
The Timeless Swamp
Wed Jan 11 2017
I almost wiped this one from the computer. I found...
New Books
Tue Nov 08 2016
I have four new tune books compiled containing about 50
Receding Waters
Sun Oct 23 2016
We've had a heap of rain here in Geelong recently,...
The Maple Leaf
Sun Sep 11 2016
I learned this tune of a travelling fiddler by the...
The One Legged Frog
Sun Jul 10 2016
The One Legged Frog! A tune from earlier in the...
A Trip To Chinatown
Thu Apr 14 2016
I'm very slowly compiling a collection of tunes
The Mysterious Sack
Thu Feb 25 2016
Sorry about this.. It's slightly odd. I may yet change...
Three Redfin
Tue Jan 12 2016
My first tune for 2016.. Written with still fishy hands...
Turning The Pancakes
Tue Dec 01 2015
I discovered this one among the scribbles of 2015.. Written...
Davy Davy
Thu Oct 15 2015
This is a simple and pleasant tune I transcribed from...
La Boite A Frisson
Mon Sep 07 2015
A good tune for the accordion but it also translates...
The Man With The Cape
Wed Aug 19 2015
I've been delirious with the flu for a few days...
The Hollow Moon
Thu Aug 13 2015
Last night I got sidetracked and started to read some...
The Old Concertina
Wed Jul 29 2015
While travelling last year this tune caught my ear. I...
The Greeting
Thu Jun 11 2015
I Wrote this one a few days ago.. Its a...
Wallaby On The Track
Wed Jun 10 2015
I play up at sovereign hill in Ballarat from time...
The Row Of Books
Wed May 27 2015
I wrote this one about an hour ago while waiting...
The New Five Cent Piece
Sun May 03 2015
I learned this tune from Martin Scuffins, It immediately went...
Stone Age Mind
Tue Apr 28 2015
Good morning! Here is a living fossil from the dawn...
Tue Apr 14 2015
This is a simple and beautiful tune that surfaces at...
The Auspicious Oat
Fri Mar 27 2015
I wrote this one this morning... couldn't think of a...
The Top Of The Hill
Thu Feb 26 2015
I wrote this one yesterday morning.. I had to leave...
Sat Jan 17 2015
Hello 2015, this is one I found in an old...
The Falls Of Halladale
Tue Dec 23 2014
Here is a tune that I have enjoyed for a...
The Blackwood Jamborree
Fri Dec 12 2014
Written after a brilliant weekend at a small festival in...
Slippery Dip
Fri Dec 12 2014
This is brilliant tune by Peter Anderson from Melbourne who...
La Reel St Denis
Mon Nov 24 2014
article posted on 24 Nov 2014
Almost Triumph
Tue Oct 28 2014
Here we have a nice tune from another inhabitant of...
The Spring Onion
Fri Oct 10 2014
I was just looking through some tunes from 2010 and...
The Cook From Tallarook
Tue Oct 07 2014
I am currently on a tour of cent
Old Bedford
Tue Sep 30 2014
I came upon this one when I was searching out...
Mt Worth
Wed Sep 24 2014
Here is a tune from the multi talented Martin Scuffins....
Clancy's Off To Bed
Tue Sep 23 2014
This is a pleasant tune named Clancy's Gone To Bed...